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Dominika stars the poster.

The beginning of the cycling season in Poland is fast approaching. Today the poster and key visual of this year's Śleżąński Mnich are premiered.

For the 8th year in a row, graphic design for the opening has been provided by Brandovo. The photo was taken by a well-known sports photographer Dariusz Krzywański. The star of the poster is our Dominika Włodarczyk. Dominika is a multiple representative of Poland, Champion of Poland CX and on the Road U23, winner of the stage and youth classification at Giro Toscana 2022. Known for her incredible bravery, heart for cycling and colorful reports from races.

This bravery of Dominika drew our attention - says Przemysław Bednarek, race director. That is why her image opens the cycling season in Poland - he adds.

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